The Ultimate Hi-End Experience. 架構完整的電源系統

架構完整的電源系統 - 電源清淨再升級

New Energy Performance Show.The Ultimate Hi-End Experience.
Monitor Acoustics Audio Power Total Solutions.





In order to build to fit Hi-End Audio conditions, power is the priority goal to achieve. In MA靜神 blueprint to achieve the ideal power; first, you have to start with the three healthy power cable “Live Wire”、”Neutral wire”、”Ground / earth wire” and then you perfect them. We begin to build high-standard parts, accessories, and all of conductive metal、isolation metal、vibration suppression plastic…These ordinary little things may seem like nothing but in fact, there are plenty of details to work on and experiment. It’s all about finding the best ratio for the recipe, which includes conductive purity、plating formula、polishing method、isolation technology, and we do not compromise on any imperfection. Because at the end, these will affect on how well of the power positive energy and conductive of speed to perform on sound and its character to extend on broadband control.


We can not choose the power equipment before the meter but after it, and consumers can choose high quality an efficient products. At MA, we are strived and have never stop on achieving “Purity、Powerful、Excellent”  of power energy performance. Our power cable products cover all of consumers needs, and we have exceeded expectation of the top players as well. These products include: outdoor single-core iso power cable、indoor three-core iso power cable、power cable、high-voltage iso suppression power box、grounding plate、ground noise filter、ground tank、high-end iso AC receptacle、Aluminum alloy duplex cover、AC power purifier、audio integrated power cable…and more. As for power network: RCA signal cable、XLR balance cable、USB digital cable、Audio cable、Iso suppression AC power plug、suppression vibrating board、tuning cone..power and other tuning accessories, and all of them can perform better than expected. At the end of day, you will find out using MA靜神 products and system are worth more than you can ever get, needless to say it is the right acoustic investment.


MA靜神 has always hoped if space is sufficient, it is better off to start from top to bottom to complete a power system in Audio-Visual room at once. Under MA’s full structure, any sound system can perform at their highest level, and you may simply judge by the sound. There is no need to hesitate nor doubt because we MA靜神 are proud of our own power system!


MA靜神 has always been a Taiwanese brand and manufacture in Taiwan, and we are heading towards global market.