About Monitor Acoustics 關於我們

雅士音響(ACE AUDIO)創立於1970年,經營至今已逾48年,是國內悠久老牌的音響代理商之一。
旗下自有電源系統品牌Monitor Acoustics 靜神,更擁有高品質且獨步全球的電源解決方案。

旗下創立的Monitor Acoustics 靜神(以下簡稱MA)電源品牌,自1984年創立至今,


「Monitor Acoustics 靜神」has become a mature power equipment supplier,
and it all begins from a half century old Hi-End audio distributor 「雅士音響(ACE AUDIO)」.
「MA靜神」knows for a fact that if we were to build Hi-End audio, power is the priority target to solve.
MA's ideal first step of power structure is to have three healthy L、N、G power cord and then we optimize them.
We set our standard at a very high level from every little component、parts、metals、plastics,
and all of them is tested to make at the best ratio. Technically;
conductor purity、electroplating recipe、polishing method、isolation technology, all of them is uncompromisable.
Why? It is not only to elevate the positivity and conductivity of power,
but to ensure both sound performance and power characteristics are easier to extend to control broadband. 

「MA靜神」has always been to insist and to pursue 「purified、strength、beauty」.
Our product line has included everything an audiophiles need, or even exceed, and also fulfilling sophisticated players need.
We start from: isolate the incoming line、shunt line、indoor line、power cable、
high current isolated vibration suppression box、grounding device、ground plate、grounding tank.
Then extending to the very end: high-end iso wall socket、aluminum alloy wall socket cover、iso power defecator、
audio power cables and its power network structure.
Even more, we have: RCA signal line、XLR balance line、USB data cable、speaker cable、
iso & vibration suppression power pin & socket、suppression cover、a tuning cones set、power, and tuning parts,
which all is exceeding the expected performance.
At last, you’ll not only find out using 「MA靜神」product and system are worthy of every penny and every dime,
but also the correct choice of sound investment.
We do wish and with a great hope, that, if your space is allowed, it is better to use our complete power system.
From the front to the end renovation will free up your audio system to its full potential. Without any doubt,
「MA靜神」is confidently and proudly believe in its power cable system.

As always, we’ve never forgotten that we are a Taiwanese brand and locally manufacture.
Now, we are expanding on the global market.