New Energy Performance Show. 輕鬆入門電源淨化


New Energy Performance Show.The Ultimate Hi-End Experience.
Monitor Acoustics Audio Power Total Solutions.




入門款 Glory 系列針對「影像與聲音」設計:
Glory-V 、Glory-VGR、Glory-A Plus、Glory-New A Plus、Glory-AGR Plus、Glory-VGR Fixed Supportring 電源清淨器


進階款性能再升級:T-8 CU with Breaker、T-8 Gold breaker、T-8 GR-L、MA-1022 MK4 S、MA-1022 GR-L 電源清淨器

發燒級極致電源清淨器:MA-202 NEW、MA-202 NEW 、MA-202 ART、MA-202 ART、MA-204 ART、MA-204 ART、MA-204 NEW 、MA-204 NEW、MA-2038 電源清淨器

Living in a high tech society where everything is connected to power, such as TV、computer、tablets、phones and any electric equipments, and yet most of us only care if these equipments are functional and disregard the quality of power. As for understanding power, the majority knows are voltage sufficient to use or high power assumption equipments shouldn’t be used in the same circuit. Nonetheless, there are many more questions regarding to power; for example, are the old electric wires  still capable of using? are the power supply sufficient to meet the demand? magnetic field influences are everywhere! These questions doesn’t only involve with power company and also the power usage of neighbors as well.

We can not control the electricity given to us, but once it enters our home, we can start optimize it and provide stability、clean、longevity to our home appliance. In order to bring the quality we provide we must look at where it starts. Our electricity at home starts off from power plant、first substation、second substation, and then enters to distribution box closest to your home. It’s easy to say, the electricity we use comes from a far distance, and comes from a very high voltage to a much lower voltage for us to use. Both voltage from and transmission hide a lot of statics that shouldn’t be existing in the 60Hz power.

MA靜神have developed a series of power filter for the entry level consumers, and especially for filtering electric static. The entry level, “Glory” specifically focus on video and audio processing. The advance level, “T-8、1022 series” enhance on insulation、increase on the amount of socket, and higher electric circuit efficiency. The audiophile level incorporated with technology essence of MA靜神, the 202、204 has the perfect layout of electric circuit, and the flagship, the 2038 power filter gives you easiest route of experiencing the evolution of power and improvement on both video and audio.