Single Core Insulated Grounded Power Cable 單芯隔離入戶線

HU-100M Single Core Insulated Grounded Power Cable

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Monitor Acoustics HU-100M Single Core Insulated Grounded Power Cable

HU-100M採用5N LC-OFC高純度長結晶銅導體,線徑達9.89mm2,是MA專為電源完整且高速傳輸至地迴路所設計。核心的主幹線徑達9.89mm2,由20蕊0.3mm的高純度5N OFC銅絲絞繞成一股、主幹導體由七股絞繞製成。導體外包覆五層隔離介電材,第一層採用高機能泡棉膠帶(PEF)披覆其物理特性具備優良的柔軟性與機械強度,還能有效斷熱、耐熱,內部獨立氣泡更具備輕量、緩衝的功能接著以半硬質PVC包覆,第三層則是用厚銅皮捲繞隔離,搭配由30蕊0.18mm組成的優質銅屏蔽導線,均勻圈繞於線身上,再包覆一層銅質鍍厚錫編織網,有了這三道的銅屏蔽層保護,大大提升電能的傳輸效率、活化電能,最後再披覆一層PVC,這款HU-100M以六層介電隔離處理,能有效的隔絕外部EMI電磁干擾,也能對抗戶外嚴苛的高低溫與紫外線的傷害,就算是長時間泡在水中也絲毫不是問題,穩定安全地提供導體無擾的輸電環境。MA擁有三十多年的電源處理經驗,很早就發現電箱前的入戶線與地迴路,同樣影響著整個電源系統的表現,若是已經要全室電源系統重整,地迴路專用線絕對要列入更新名單中。

HU-100M Single Core Insulated Grounded Power Cable It is not affected by even the harshest of environments.

The HU-100M is an M.A. product designed specifically for providing a complete power supply and high-speed transmission to the ground loop. It uses 5N LC-OFC high-purity
long-crystal copper conductors, with the main conductor made up of 7 twisted strands, with a wire diameter of 9.89mm². Each strand is composed of 20 high-purity 5N OFC copper wires with a diameter of 0.3mm twisted together. The conductor is wrapped in 5 layers of insulating dielectric material, with the first layer using high-performance foam tape (PEF) which has excellent flexibility, mechanical strength, insulation and heat resistance. The internal independent bubbles provide lightweight and buffering functions. This is then covered with semi-rigid PVC, and the third layer is a thick copper foil that is wrapped around the
insulation. The wire is wrapped with high-quality copper shielding wire made of 30 strands of 0.18mm, which is evenly wound on the wire body, and covered with a single layer of
copper-plated thick tin braided net and then wrapped with a layer of copper foil. The

combination of the two can improve conductivity and transmission efficiency, activate electrical energy, and finally covered with a single layer of PVC.

The HU-100M has been processed with 6 layers of dielectric insulation and can withstand outdoor high and low temperature changes and UV damage. It can also remain undamaged even when submerged in water for a long time, ensuring stable and safe transmission of electricity. M.A. has over 30 years of experience in power supply processing and has long recognized that the power cord that connects the electric box and the grounding loop also affects the performance of the entire power system. If you want to reorganize your home power supply system, you must pay attention to the quality and durability of the cables to achieve long-term benefits. HU-162M is an ideal choice for arranging power systems.

導體:5N LC-OFC高純度長結晶銅 / 導體線徑:9.89mm2 (平方公釐)
Conductor: 5N LC-OFC high-purity long-crystal copper / Conductor wire diameter: 9.89mm² /
線身:六道介電隔離防護(三道塑料:高機能PEF、半硬質PVC、綠色PVC / 三道金屬:厚銅皮、銅屏蔽導線、銅質鍍厚錫編織網)
Wire structure: 6 layers of dielectric isolation protection (3 layers of plastic:  high-performance PEF, semi-rigid PVC, green PVC / 3 layers of metal: thick copper foil, copper shielding wire, copper-plated thick tin braided net)
外線徑:10.5mm±0.2mm (線身直徑)
Outer diameter: 10.5mm ±0.2mm