Single Core Insulated Grounded Power Cable 單芯隔離入戶線

HU-110M Single Core Insulated Main Power Cable

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HU-110M Single Core Insulated Main Power Cable

HU-110M採用6N LC-OFC高純度長結晶銅導體為核心基材,是MA專為電源完整且高速傳輸所設計。核心導體線徑達9.97mm2,由14蕊0.3mm的高純度6N LC-OFC銅絲絞繞成一股、主幹導體由七股絞繞製成。導體外再包覆六層隔離介電材,第一層採用薄膜膠帶(PTFE)披覆,作為第一步的絕緣處理,其物理特性具抗化學物質,並達到密封與遮蓋的隔絕效果,接著以半硬質PVC包覆,第三層則是用厚銅皮捲繞隔離,搭配由30蕊0.18mm組成的優質鍍錫銅屏蔽導線,均勻圈繞於線身上,再包覆一層鍍錫編織網,有了這三道的銅屏蔽層保護,就能大大提升電能的傳輸效率,最後在最外層披覆上一層PVC保護,並提供紅、白兩色給消費者選購。這款HU-110M以6N LC-OFC高純度長結晶銅,與六層介電隔離處理,能有效地隔絕EMI電磁干擾,讓電源在無擾無染的輸電環境中,快速豐足的傳遞至末端,讓器材擁有源源不絕的充沛電能,讓音樂裡的器樂紋理一一浮現、分辨力躍然立現,高低頻兩端的延伸也將會表現得更加完美,絕對不容小覷「電源通道」中的任何一個環節,最終才能呈現最美好的聲音表現。

HU-110M Single Core Insulated Main Power Cable
A channel that provides unobstructed access to the power supply.

The HU-110M power cord is specifically designed for complete and high-speed transmission. The core conductor uses high-purity 6N LC-OFC long-crystal copper conductors, with the main conductor made up of 7 twisted strands, with a diameter of 9.97mm², and each strand twisted from 14 pieces of high-purity 6N LC-OFC copper wire (0.3mm each). The conductor is surrounded by 6 layers of isolated dielectric material, with the first layer using a thin film tape (PTFE) for insulation, which has the ability to resist chemical substances and achieve a sealing and covering isolation effect. The second layer is wrapped in semi-rigid PVC, and
the third layer is isolated by thick copper foil, paired with high-quality wire twisted from 30 strands of tin-plated copper shield wire (0.18mm each), evenly coiled around the main conductor and paired with a single layer of copper-plated tin braided mesh. The protection of these three layers of copper shielding greatly improves the efficiency of electrical energy transmission. The surface layer provides good protection with a single layer of PVC and is available in two colors, red and white.

The HU-110M uses high-purity 6N LC-OFC long-crystal copper and six layers of dielectric isolation processing to effectively isolate EMI electromagnetic interference, ensuring a fast and abundant transmission of power to the end device in a clean and unobstructed power supply channel, providing a steady flow of ample energy to the equipment. This allows the texture of each instrument in music to be revealed, and the performance of both the high and low frequency ranges is more perfect, with outstanding resolution. It is evident that every link in the "power supply channel" cannot be overlooked in order to present the best sound performance.

導體:6N LC-OFC 高純度高精進化銅 / 導體線徑:9.97mm(平方公釐)
Conductor: High-purity 6N LC-OFC advanced copper / Conductor diameter: 9.97mm²
線身:六道介電隔離防護(三道塑料:PTFE薄膜膠帶、半硬質PVC、藍紅色PVC / 三道金屬:厚銅皮、鍍錫銅屏蔽導線、鍍錫銅編織網)
Cable structure: 6 layers of dielectric isolation protection (3 layers of plastic: PTFE thin film tape, semi-rigid PVC, blue and red PVC / 3 layers of metal: thick copper foil, tin-plated copper shield wire, tin-plated copper braided mesh)
外線徑:10.5mm±0.2mm (線身直徑) / 顏色:紅、白
Outer diameter: 10.5mm ±0.2mm / Colors: Red, White