AC Connectors / IEC Connectors 電源公母頭、機尾座

Signature Silver Carbon fiber AC plug & connect

簽名版 電源公/母頭(AC Connectors / IEC Connectors)
Signature Silver Carbon fiber AC plug & connect 簽名版隔離抑振公母頭
進化到了一個極致,就再次重新歸零,朝向另一個極致邁進。MA靜神的研發製造已超過三十多個年頭,過去我們堅持在高介電複合塑料中,創造出最佳的性能表現效果,如今我們將過去的研發技術,灌注在最新開發的旗艦電源頭上,首次採用非磁鋼合金搭配上高強度碳纖維的設計,以最高規格製程製作,銅材、打磨、電鍍、導磁、無應力處理等……,枝末細節無一落失,因為「Signature」系列的公母頭可是主事者 張哿健先生(Ken Chang),認定是旗下最高規格的公母頭產品,同時也是最符合張總對於聲音美學表現的最高標準,端子上的每個角落都有其用心處理的地方,就像插座尾端的10個小孔,不單只是為了美觀而已,更是為了能夠抑振、導振;碳纖維也是特別挑選特定強度、模數,太硬、太軟、太密、太疏都不行,出來的聲音就是會不對味,這些都不是一般玩家所會注意到的,但聲音就是這麼敏感,多一分少一分、聽起來就是會有差異。
這回我們將Signature細分成兩款「 Red / Silver 」,針對「數類前級」我們推薦選用「Red」,「功放」則是推薦選用「Silver」,兩款的差異雖然不大,只有部分的導件、電鍍、介電處理不盡相同,但最終的呈現結果就是略有差別,我們堅持以最新科技材料與工藝技術,佐上MA靜神實驗室裡的反覆聆聽體驗,最終才能讓商品上市。MA靜神主事者(Ken)將三十多年的工藝結晶與品牌精神貫注其中,並堅守著正確且純淨的用電基準,讓音響接收乾淨無染電源,如此才能回饋出音響最忠實的聲音,聲音才能深入心坎、感動人心,Signature因此而生、再現不凡。
公頭 male: L/N/G 訂製紅導銅、電子級鍍金+鍍銠
母頭 female: L/N/G 訂製鈹銅合金、電子級鍍金+鍍銠
入線直徑範圍:10~19mm (Φ)
尺寸:公頭-約38×80mm (Φ×H) / 母頭-約38×80mm (Φ×H)
重量:公頭-約140g / 母頭-約145g

Signature Silver Carbon fiber AC plug & connect
Established a new high standard for MA the name of Ken
Once it has reached one extreme, it will be reset to zero again and move towards another extreme. MA has been in R&D and manufacturing for more than 30 years. In the past, we insisted on creating the best performance in high-dielectric composite plastics. Now, we pour the past research and development technology on the newly developed flagship power connect , Designed with non-magnetic steel alloy and high-strength carbon fiber for the first time,made with the highest specification process, copper, polishing, electroplating, magnetic permeability, stress-free treatment, etc., Without missing details, Because the "Signature" series is in charge of "Mr. Ken Chang", which is considered to be the highest specification power connect products, It is also the highest standard for the sound aesthetic performance of "Ken Chang", Every detail has its purpose, like the 10 small holes at the end of the socket, is not only for beauty, but also to suppress vibration and guide vibration; carbon fiber is also specially selected for specific strength and modulus, too hard, too soft, too dense, Because the wrong material is selected, the sound will be wrong. These are not what ordinary players will notice, but the sound is so sensitive, Even if the gap is small, it sounds different.

This time we will be the most high-end AC connection "Signature series" subdivided into " Red / Silver ", for "preamp" we recommend the use of "Signature Red", "power amplifier" is recommended to use "Signature Silver", although the difference between the two models is not big, only part The Copper conductor, electroplating, and dielectric treatments are different, but the final sound result is slightly different. We insist on using the latest technological materials and process technology, with the repeated listening experience in the "MA" laboratory, In order to get the final product to market. Master MA (Ken) brings more than thirty years of craftsmanship and brand spirit into his products, and adheres to the correct and pure AC power, so that the sound can receive clean and non-staining AC power, so that the most faithful sound of the sound can be fed back Only in this way can the sound penetrate into the heart and touch people's hearts, and "Signature series" is born and reproduces extraordinary.
Signature Silver FEATURES features:
ultra-slow and meticulous polishing,
unique non-magnetic alloy structure,
-196°C ultra-low temperature treatment,
bronze floating demagnetization technology

male: High purity copper, electronic grade gold + rhodium plating
female: Purified beryllium copper alloy, electronic grade grade gold + rhodium plating

precision CNC milling with a single piece of non-magnetic steel alloy ingot, matched with high-strength special ratio carbon fiber

Inlet diameter range: 10~19mm (Φ)
Size: male about 38×80mm (Φ×H) / female about 38×80mm (Φ×H)
Weight: male about 140g / female about 145g