Ground System 優質接地系統

Studio MKⅢ Super Ground Filter

展現平坦無瑕的極寬頻電能,輕鬆獲取高效、純淨、充沛的電源(For Power Block Ground Filter)
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Studio MKⅢ Super Ground Filter 超級接地器
為了徹底解決地迴路突波、弱電流的問題,我們已經推出了Studio Pro 5.6、Studio MKⅡ、Basic MKⅡ三款超級接地器,提供不同需求的用家獲得純淨電源,而我們不會停止進化,更會是不斷創新,因此我們在2020年冬季,把Studio MKⅡ再次內外優化調整、升級為Studio MKⅢ 。外表一改過去的作法,特別請廠商製作特殊的水紋質地,讓表面不只是單純的金屬光澤,而且金屬外殼的比重也已與過去不同,是新一代的特殊金屬殼,更加提升對於隔離抑振的效能。此外,內部核心也做了一些修改,將裡面的零件規格作了微調與升級,佈局方式也重新調配,確認性能表現完全超越Studio MKⅡ,我們才正式定版、投注量產。新版Studio MKⅢ 設置的強化版奈米電磁核心,利用電磁迴控制原理,有效地降低噪訊干擾,同時拓展頻率的延伸,其最大衰減值達-60db,因此內阻就能在最佳狀態下,讓水火線的溫度不會上升、甚至下降,因此就能獲得更強大的電流能量,讓電源效率能有大幅度的提升,吵雜的電源變純淨,重現寧靜安定的電源環境,讓電氣設備發揮應有的穩定實力。

Studio MKIII Super Ground Filter Showcasing flawlessly flat ultra-wideband power, effortlessly obtaining efficient, pure, and abundant power.

To thoroughly solve problems such as ground loop spikes and weak electrical currents, we have launched three super ground filters - Studio Pro 5.6, Studio MKII, and Basic MKII, providing users with clean power that meets different needs. We will not stop evolving and will continue to innovate. Therefore, in the winter of 2020, we further optimized and upgraded the Studio MKII internally and externally to become the Studio MKIII. The appearance has changed from past practices. We specially asked the manufacturer to create a unique water ripple texture on the surface, which not only provides a simple metallic luster but also improves the efficiency of isolation and vibration damping by using a new generation of special metal casing. In addition, the internal core has also been modified. The specifications of the components have been fine-tuned and upgraded, and the layout has been reconfigured to ensure that the performance fully surpasses that of the Studio MKII before we officially released and mass-produced it. The upgraded nano-electromagnetic core in the new Studio MKIII utilizes the principle of electromagnetic feedback control to effectively reduce noise interference and expand frequency extension, with a maximum attenuation value of -60dB. Therefore, the internal resistance can be in the optimal state, allowing the temperature of the hot and neutral lines to not increase, or even decrease, thus obtaining more powerful electrical energy, significantly improving the power efficiency, and transforming noisy power into pure power, recreating a quiet and stable power environment, allowing electrical equipment to perform at their stable strength.

Through the fully wideband passive components in this ground filter, the invalid magnetic loop is re-equalized, and the effective frequency is regenerated without any negative effects or changes to your high standard requirements for sound quality. Users do not have to worry about difficult installation issues. Simply fix the super ground filter on the RC wall next to the electrical box, connect the original building's "ground loop grounding wire" from the electrical box to the "OUT end" of the super ground filter, and then use the grounding dedicated wire attached with the MA from the "IN end" to connect it back to the grounding busbar in the electrical box.

衰減值:-60DB Max
Attenuation value: -60dB Max
Frequency range: Fo~30Mhz
Dimensions: 310×125×83mm (W×D×H/including foot pads)
重量:約 3.3 kg ±5%
Weight: approximately 3.3 kg ±5%