Ground System 優質接地系統

Studio Pro Version. 5.6 Super Ground Filter

無與倫比的全頻寬作用,呈現最鮮活細膩的聲音表現(For Power Block Ground Filter)
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Studio Pro Version. 5.6 Super Ground Filter(For Power Block Ground Filter)
Studio MKⅡ再進化,2019開春首發新品「Studio Pro Version. 5.6」,徹底解決地迴路突波、弱電流的問題,金磚的外形不變,但其內涵已完全不同以往,其最大衰減值達-60db,作用頻寬超越Studio MKⅡ,裡頭最新的MA奈米電磁核心,同樣利用了電磁迴控制原理,有效地降低噪訊干擾,但作用的頻寬更為全面地延伸,因此內阻就能始終保持在最佳狀態,如此就能獲得更強大的電流能量,讓電源效率能有大幅度的提升,建構出寧靜安定的電源環境,讓電氣設備發揮應有的穩定實力。透過這個接地器裡的全頻寬的核心被動元件,將無效的磁迴重新等化處理,將有效的頻率重新再生,不會產生任何負面效應,也不會改變您對聲音高標準的要求。用家不用擔心會不會很難安裝的問題,只需要超級接地器固定在電箱旁的RC牆上,再將電箱裡原始建築的「地迴路接地線」接上超級接地器的「OUT端」上,接著從「IN端」利用MA附贈的接地專用線,接回至電箱的「接地匯流排」上即可。

Studio Pro Version. 5.6 Super Ground Filter (For Power Block Ground Filter) Infinite evolution for an extremely wide audio-visual experience.

The Studio MKⅡ has evolved once again, and in spring 2019, we released our newest product, the "Studio Pro Version. 5.6." It completely solves the problems of ground loop interference and weak current, with the same brick-like exterior as its predecessor, but with a completely different interior. Its maximum attenuation value reaches -60dB, surpassing the Studio MKⅡ in terms of effective bandwidth. The latest MA nano-electromagnetic core inside utilizes the principle of electromagnetic loop control to effectively reduce noise interference. The bandwidth of its effect is more comprehensive, allowing for optimal internal resistance and a significant increase in power efficiency, creating a quiet and stable power environment that allows electrical equipment to perform at its best. With the full-bandwidth passive components in this grounding device, the ineffective magnetic loop is equalized and the effective frequency is regenerated, without producing any negative effects or compromising your high audio standards. Users need not worry about installation difficulties, as the Super Ground Filter can simply be fixed onto the RC wall beside the electrical box, and the "ground loop wire" from the original building in the electrical box can be connected to the "OUT" end of the Super Ground Filter. Then, using the MA-provided ground-specific cable, connect the "IN" end back to the "ground busbar" in the electrical box.

衰減值:-60DB Max
Attenuation value: -60dB Max
Current rating: 20A
Frequency range: Fo~30Mhz

Dimensions: 310×125×83mm (W×D×H/including feet)

重量:約  3.5 kg ±5%
Weight: approximately 3.5 kg ±5%