Single Core Insulated Grounded Power Cable 單芯隔離入戶線

HU-220 MK3 Single Core Insulated Main Power Cable

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Monitor Acoustics HU-220 MK3 Single Core Insulated Power Cable
HU-220 MK3是目前MA靜神最新、最大線徑的入戶線,以5N LC-OFC高純度長結晶銅為導體,超大線徑23.3mm2、耐電壓能力達600V/90A,是大電流、大電壓、高介電、高品質導線需求的玩家首選。這回採用與美國NASA相同的製線科技,以獨特的中空線芯設計,引導電流加速傳導、增加氣體流動率,有效提高傳速並降溫等同室溫,讓你的聲音發燒、不發熱。此外,導體傳導面積增加了,更能充實電流穩定性,提供飽滿扎實的滿滿能量。
核心23.3mm2的主幹導線,由55蕊0.30mm的6N LC-OFC高純度銅絲絞繞成一股、主幹導體由六股絞繞製成。主幹導體外第一層披覆為高介電值、抗強酸鹼、耐高低溫的鐵氟龍(PTFE TAPE)作為介電材,除了極佳的絕緣性能,更能阻絕外部環境的EMI電磁影響,緊接著在披覆一層PVC,搭配一股由33蕊0.18mm絞繞的OFC銅導線,均勻圈繞在線身上,再包覆一層科技銅皮,最後再披覆一層TPV,而這回新款的MK3,最外層改採耐候、耐油、耐高低溫(-55°C~135°C)的動態交聯熱塑彈性體(TPV),具備優異的抗化學、耐候和抗磨損等……特性優勢,觸感與止滑性俱佳,並兼具著橡膠和塑膠的優點,更是環保、可回收材質。此外,裡頭還添加了數種機能奈米粉末,其中帶有紅外線特性的奈米粉,不僅優化隔離抑振,更有助於電源的傳導。獨特的中空線芯設計,不僅性能強悍、更是滿滿的電學技術,想要滿室靚電,最源頭的絕不能輕忽,讓進入電箱前的第一步,就已擁有最佳的輸電路徑,不必再擔心電迴路多、更不必擔心音響電的吃不足,讓我們的用心專業,成就滿室源源不絕的充沛電能。(導體線徑:23.3mm2 / 外線徑:11.6mm±0.2mm)

HU-220 MK3 Single Core Insulated Main Power Cable
Continuously evolving and striving for excellence, the hollow air venting technology creates advantages in speeding up and cooling down.

The HU-220 MK3 features a main conductor made up of 6 twisted strands, with a diameter of up to 23.3mm². Each strand is twisted from 55 6N LC-OFC high-purity copper wires with a diameter of 0.30mm. The first layer surrounding the main conductor is a high dielectric, acid- and alkali-resistant, and high/low-temperature-resistant PTFE tape, which provides excellent insulation performance and blocks EMI electromagnetic interference from the surrounding environment. This layer is further wrapped with a layer of PVC and a strand of OFC copper wire twisted from 33 wires with a diameter of 0.18mm, providing stable current transmission and ample electricity supply. The cable is then covered with a layer of technology copper foil before finally being covered with a single layer of dynamically cross-linked thermoplastic elastomer (TPV). As the third generation MK3 of the series, the TPV material is more weather-resistant, oil-resistant, and temperature-resistant (-55°C~135°C) with excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance, and abrasion resistance. The TPV also has excellent touch and anti-slip properties and is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material.

Internally, several functional nano-powders have been added, including nano-powders with infrared characteristics, which optimize isolation and anti-vibration and contribute to the transmission of power.

The unique hollow wire core design of the HU-220 MK3 increases the cable's airflow capacity, which effectively improves transmission speed and significantly reduces temperature. As a result, the HU-220 MK3 is a reliable cable solution specifically designed for users with high demands for large currents, voltage resistance, high dielectric, and high-quality conductors.

If you want to optimize your power transmission pathway and avoid worries about the decrease in supply voltage affecting the performance of audio equipment, the HU-220 MK3 is an excellent choice. Its professional design and cutting-edge electrical technology ensure ample electricity supply and stable performance. (Conductor diameter: 23.3mm² / Outer diameter: 11.6mm±0.2mm)

導體:6N LC-OFC高純度長結晶銅 / 導體線徑:23.3mm(平方公釐)
Conductor: 6N LC-OFC high-purity long-crystal copper / Conductor diameter: 23.3mm² /
線身:五道介電隔離防護(三道塑料:高介電鐵氟龍、半硬質PVC、TPV(白/咖啡) / 兩道金屬:銅屏蔽導線、科技銅皮)
Cable structure: 5-layer dielectric insulation and protection (3 plastic layers: high dielectric PTFE, semi-rigid PVC, TPV (white/brown) / 2 metal layers: copper shielded wire, technology copper foil)
外線徑:11.6mm±0.2mm (線身直徑)
Outer diameter: 11.6mm±0.2mm