Single Core Insulated Grounded Power Cable 單芯隔離入戶線

HU-102M Single Core Insulated Grounded Power Cable

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HU-102M Single Core Insulated Grounded Power Cable

延續前一代HU-100M的優勢,將地迴專線的重要性,透過端正高性能的專線展露無遺,新一代HU-102M採用高純度6N LC-OFC長結晶銅導體、由21蕊0.3mm的6N LC-OFC銅絲絞繞成一股、主幹導體由七股絞繞製成,核心主幹線徑達10.39mm2,是MA專為電源地迴路所規劃設計。導體外,包覆六層隔離抑振介電材,第一層採用鐵氟龍膠帶(PTEF)披覆,其物理特性具備抗酸、抗鹼、耐高溫、抗各種有機溶劑的特點,幾乎不溶於各式溶劑,且介電值高,電輸不受外在干擾影響。接在鐵氟龍之後的防護,是以半硬質SR-PVC來包覆,其適中的硬度、抗張力性、抗燃性都優於PVC,確實為HU-102M做了堅實的中層抑振絕緣,接著用厚銅皮無縫捲繞於線身,加上由30蕊0.18mm絞繞的優質銅屏蔽導線,均勻捲繞於線身上,最後再包覆一層銅鍍錫編織網,如此一來,有了這三道的銅屏蔽層的保護,100%隔絕了外在污磁的影響,大大提升電能的傳輸效率、活化電能。最後再披覆絕緣紙與青蘋綠TPV,這款HU-102M以七層介電隔離處理,能有效的隔絕外部EMI電磁干擾,也能對抗戶外嚴苛的高低溫與紫外線的傷害,就算是長時間泡在水中也絲毫不是問題,穩定安全地提供導體無擾的輸電環境。MA擁有三十多年的電源處理經驗,很早就發現電箱前的入戶線與地迴路,同樣影響著整個電源系統的表現,若是已經要全室電源系統重整,地迴路專用線絕對要列入更新名單中。

HU-102M Single Core Insulated Grounded Power Cable No harsh environment can affect it.
The single-core isolation power cable (reel type) can withstand extreme power transmission performance.

The new generation HU-102M continues the advantages of the previous HU-100M and highlights the importance of grounding wires through high-performance cables. The HU-102M adopts high-purity 6N LC-OFC long-crystal copper conductors, with the main conductor made up of 7 twisted strands, each consisting of 21 pieces of 0.3mm 6N LC-OFC copper wire twisted together, with a diameter of 10.39mm². M.A. designed this cable specifically to enhance the performance of the power grounding loop.

The conductor is surrounded by six layers of isolated damping dielectric materials. The first layer uses PTFE tape, which has properties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, and resistance to various organic solvents. It is almost insoluble in all solvents and has a high dielectric constant, so the transmission of current is not affected by external interference.

The protective layer covering the PTFE tape is a semi-rigid SR-PVC that has moderate hardness, tensile strength and flame resistance superior to that of PVC, providing ideal protection for the HU-102M's middle layer of damping insulation. Thick copper foil is seamlessly wrapped around the wire, along with high-quality copper shield wires twisted from 30 strands of 0.18mm wire, evenly coiled around the wire body and paired with a single layer of copper-plated tin braided mesh. These three layers of copper shielding completely isolate external interference and magnetic fields, greatly improving the transmission efficiency of the current and increasing conductivity. Finally, a single layer of insulating paper and green TPV cover the cable.

The HU-102M undergoes 7 layers of dielectric isolation processing to effectively isolate external EMI electromagnetic interference, withstand outdoor temperature changes, UV damage, and even long-term immersion in water without any damage, while maintaining stable and safe transmission effects. With over 30 years of experience in power optimization,
M.A. has long recognized that the power cable connecting to the electrical box and the grounding loop also affect the performance of the entire power system. If you want to upgrade your home's power supply system, you must pay attention to the quality and durability of the cables to obtain long-term benefits. The HU-102M is the ideal choice for building power systems.

導體:6N LC-OFC高純度長結晶銅 導體線徑:10.39mm2 (平方公釐)
Conductor : High-purity 6N LC-OFC long-crystal copper / Conductor diameter: 10.39mm²
線身:七道介電隔離防護(三道塑料:高機能PTEF、半硬質SR-PVC、絕緣紙、青蘋綠PVC / 三道金屬:銅皮、銅屏蔽導線、銅鍍錫編織網)
Wire construction : 7 layers of dielectric isolation protection (3 layers of plastic: high-performance PTFE, semi-rigid SR-PVC, insulating paper, green PVC / 3 layers of metal: copper foil, copper shield wire, copper-plated tin braided mesh)
外線徑:13.0mm±0.2mm (線身直徑)
Outer diameter: 13.0mm ±0.2mm