Single Core Insulated Grounded Power Cable 單芯隔離入戶線

HU-220 MK2 Single Core Insulated Main Power Cable

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Monitor Acoustics HU-220 MK2 Single Core Insulated Power Cable
HU-220 MK2是目前MA最大線徑的入戶線,以5N LC-OFC高純度長結晶銅為導體,超大線徑22mm2、耐電壓能力達600V/90A,是大電流、耐電壓、高介電、高品質導線需求的玩家首選。核心22.7mm2的主幹導線,由64蕊0.254mm的5N OFC高純度銅絲絞繞成一股、主幹導體由七股絞繞製成。主幹導體外第一層披覆為高介電值、抗強酸鹼、耐高低溫的鐵氟龍(PTFE TAPE),緊接著在披覆一層PVC,搭配一股由30蕊0.18mm絞繞的OFC銅導線,均勻圈繞於線身上,再包覆一層銅箔,有了銅屏蔽層的保護,便能提升電能的傳輸效率、活化電能,最後再披覆一層PVC。MA這款最大線徑的HU-220 MK2介電採用了號稱塑料之王的「鐵氟龍(PTFE)」作為介電材,極佳的絕緣性能,能阻絕外部環境EMI電磁的影響,加上高純度、無應力的5N OFC純銅,讓進入電箱前的第一步,就能擁有最佳的輸電路徑,提供電箱源源不絕的充沛電能,就以主幹線而言,已足以承擔多個分流箱之用,翻轉過往的用線經驗。

HU-220 MK2 Single Core Insulated Main Power Cable
With its large conductor diameter, high current resistance, and high-speed transmission, it can stably transmit currents of over 100A.

The HU-220 MK2 is one of M.A.'s large-diameter cable series, designed specifically for users  with  high  demands  for  large  currents,  voltage  resistance,  high  dielectric,  and

high-quality conductors. It utilizes 5N LC-OFC high-purity long-crystal copper conductors with a diameter of 22mm² and a voltage resistance capacity of 600V/90A.

The core conductor is made up of 7 twisted strands with a diameter of 22.7mm², with each strand twisted from 64 strands of 0.254mm 5N OFC high-purity copper wire. The core conductor is wrapped in a high dielectric, acid and alkali-resistant, and high/low-temperature-resistant PTFE tape as the first layer, followed by a layer of PVC, complemented by a strand of 30 0.18mm OFC twisted copper wire, evenly wrapped around the cable, and then wrapped in a layer of copper foil, all working together to enhance conductivity and transmission efficiency, activate electrical energy, and finally covered with a single layer of PVC.

M.A. uses PTFE, a highly regarded plastic, as the dielectric material for the HU-220 MK2, with excellent insulation performance that can block EMI electromagnetic interference from the surrounding environment.With high-purity, stress-free 5N OFC pure copper, the optimized power transmission pathway ensures a continuous and abundant power supply to the home before entering the electrical box. As for the main line, it is sufficient to handle multiple sub-distribution boxes, which offers an improved approach to conventional wiring practices.
導體:5N LC-OFC高純度長結晶銅 / 導體線徑:22.7mm2 (平方公釐)
Conductor: 5N LC-OFC high-purity long-crystal copper / Conductor diameter: 22.7mm² 
線身:五道介電隔離防護(三道塑料:高介電鐵氟龍、半硬質PVC、灰色PVC / 兩道金屬:銅屏蔽導線、厚銅皮)
Cable structure : 5-layer dielectric isolation protection (3 layers of plastic: high dielectric PTFE, semi-rigid PVC, gray PVC / 2 layers of metal: copper shielded wire, thick copper foil)
外線徑:12.8mm±0.2mm (線身直徑)
Outer diameter: 12.8mm ±0.2mm