Ground System 優質接地系統

MA-Grounding Tank

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MA-Grounding Tank 種地箱
想在大樓林立的都市叢林,找一塊可以深埋接地板的真實大地,可說是困難重重,就算有得挖、地質合不合適,又是另一個課題,MA靜神深知想要建構一個良好、健康的接地是相當不容易,所以幾年前就開始研究、開發室內專用的虛擬種地箱,初期實驗採用大型訂製的玻璃箱,裡頭埋入複合接地板覆以有機土,並經過一兩年的實測與進化,目前產品已經成熟完備,新型箱體捨棄了過去的玻璃箱設計,改採雙層不鏽鋼箱,以中空箱體作緩衝之用、更能降低內外的溫差變化,細窄的體積大小,更易於隱藏於公寓大樓的陽台之中,讓身處絮亂的都市叢林玩家,也能擁有如同在真實大地之中的接地系統,擁有近乎於「 0 」的完美電位差接地系統。

MA-Grounding Tank Planting Box Creating a perfect virtual ground in a city filled with skyscrapers.

Finding a piece of real land to bury deep into the ground in a city filled with skyscrapers is a difficult task. Even if there is an available site, the geological conditions may not be suitable, presenting yet another challenge. MA Jing-shen, as an expert in power supply, knows that building a good and healthy grounding system is not an easy task. Therefore, a few years ago, MA Jing-shen began to research and develop an indoor specialized virtual grounding planting box. In the initial experiment, a large customized glass box was used, in which a composite grounding board was buried with organic soil. After one or two years of testing and evolution, the current product is mature and complete. The new box design abandons the previous glass box design and adopts a double-layer stainless steel box with a hollow box body as a buffer, which can reduce the temperature difference inside and outside the box. The slim volume makes it easier to hide on the balcony of an apartment building, allowing players in the chaotic urban jungle to have a grounding system similar to that on real land and to have a near-perfect potential difference grounding system close to "0".

MA-Grounding Tank 種地箱 FEATURES 特點:
  • 機箱採用全不鏽鋼材質,厚達約4公分機箱,採用空心緩衝設計
  • The box is made of all stainless steel material, with a thickness of about 4 cm and a hollow buffer design.
  • 內部需搭配專用接地板與有機培養土 
  • It requires a specialized grounding board and organic cultivated soil inside.
  • 可直接放置於陽台上,不用再為接地所困 
  • It can be placed directly on the balcony without being limited by grounding.
  • 外部尺寸:W84.2 x H84.5 x D34.5cm 
  • External Dimensions: W84.2 x H84.5 x D34.5cm
  • 重量:60kg(空箱)隨箱附贈 MA靜神 特別訂購「活化接地專用土」,可加快消除污染磁場、強化「種地箱」淨化電源作用。
  • Weight: 60kg/empty box
  • Suitable for grounding to eliminate contaminated magnetic field soil.